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Paper Agents Association

Section 1 Publication and Fine Papers

Chairman: Mr Pat O'Brien, Kruger Inc.

Vice Chairman: Mr Chris Heyer, John Heyer Paper Limited

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Section 1 Membership:
(Numbers in Brackets signify all Sections to which Member is affiliated)

Calington Limited (1,4)
Frank Crossley & Son Limited (1,2,3,4)
Continental Cellulose (UK) Limited (1,2)

George Harrison Limited (1,2)
Hellefoss AS (1) )
John Heyer Paper Limited (1)

International Forest Products (UK)(1,2,3,4)

Kruger Inc. (1)

Norske Skog (UK) Limited (1)

Palm Paper Limited(1,2)
Papico Limited (1,3,4)
H.H.Pegg Limited (1)
Portucel Soporcel Group (1)

Stora Enso (UK) Limited (1,4)
Sun Paper and Board Limited (1)

Torras Paper Limited (1)
T.S.P. UK Ltd (1)

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